Why Work With Karin

I Work Closely With You As a Parent

You are my partner throughout the process of helping your child to overcome his specific problems. You have keys to unlock your child’s potential and I will show you how to use them.

You will be provided with the tools you need to help your child throughout the course of his life. That means if any problems emerge in the future, you will be able to solve them without having to seek help from a therapist each time.

Your involvement in your child’s therapy is absolutely essential to your child’s continual progress, and it enhances your child’s chances of success. You must be involved in and dedicated to the process.

You must also be willing to question everything you have
been told about your child’s problems up to now.

This is why not everyone wants to work with me because not everyone wants to question everything. But, if you do work with me and are open-minded, you will see results and as a bonus you will feel great as a parent!

One of our goals in working together is to ensure your child becomes well-balanced and happy rather than just having the ability to perform. It is my belief that only working on learning problems is like putting wallpaper up without taking the old wallpaper down. It looks nice but it does not last forever.

I take physiology, through the diet, into account when I work with your child. In addition, I focus on limiting beliefs and on negative emotions, like low self-esteem, which commonly hold children back from being able to fulfill their potential.

Once I have dealt with those issues with your child, I begin to work on the actual learning problem. Before we begin work, it essential is that we ensure your child is physiologically, emotionally, and mentally available for learning.

Emotional Intelligence Is Key

While improving your child’s school performance is not the ultimate goal, it is a nice side effect of our work together. Still, not every child is built do be a high school performer. In fact, according to Daniel Goleman, IQ stands for only 20 percent of making a person successful in life.

The remaining 80 percent is mainly emotional intelligence. It is the capacity to identify your own emotions, to deal with them, and to recognize emotions in other people and being able to deal with them. That makes a happy, successful person in all the areas of his life.

Our goal is to work on your child’s emotional intelligence
first and foremost. This is a key to school performance.

If you are a parent to a high potential child – and their numbers are on the rise – be very careful about his emotional intelligence as it is THE KEY to his overall wellbeing. It is frequent to see unhappy high potential children.

The Diagnosis Is Not The Prognosis

I do not believe in diagnosis as strongly as other professionals do. When a child is diagnosed dyslexic, for example, this reflects how he responds to a test at one moment in his life. A diagnosis is a description of the actual difficulties. It is not a “weather forecast”. Instead of putting your child in a box that labels him for the rest of his life, we focus on solutions.

Together we will focus on your child’s potential.

Experience Counts

I have been working as a language therapist since 1989 and have extensive experience with traditional language and speech therapy. I understand that it takes humor, kindness, and patience to help a child transition from believing he is incapable of success to achieving success.

Many of my clients suffer from low self-esteem because they believe they are stupid and cannot succeed. Too many children are diagnosed with these labels and that becomes their whole identity. Our goal is to ensure that the diagnosis does not become your child’s identity.

Your child must want to get better – even if he thinks it’s impossible - and you must be willing to work closely with me and your child. I will provide you with all of the tools and the understanding necessary to make success within reach.

Think Outside of the Box 

As my clients, you and your child must be willing to think outside of the box, to learn, to understand the tools I provide, and be willing to use the holistic approach. Success requires effort from you, your child, and me. There is no magic pill or magic solution.

Exclusive Distribution of Indigo Essences in Switzerland

Whether mineral or flower, essences work into your energy system and rebalance your emotions. When your child’s emotions are balanced, he will have a much easier time learning.

Essences are a form of vibrational healing. Vibrational healing simply
means using the vibration of something to help you heal.

For example, have you ever noticed yourself drawn to ‘good vibrations’ when you feel upset, like your favorite dog or your favorite place? These calming vibrations can help us rebalance ourselves and help us to feel centered again. Choosing essences is a similar, more conscious, way of bringing balance back into your life.

If you analyze the essences and look for active substances, you would find nothing but the brandy and the water that is in the bottle because basically a flower or mineral essence is made in this way. You pick a flower when it is fully open, or take a mineral,put it in some pure water in a crystal bowl in the sun, and have a sun infusion.

After Masuru Emoto’s work, we know that water can hold energy patterns. But to stabilize the essence, you then need to add some alcohol. This is called the mother tincture. It will be diluted to be made into stock bottles, which is what you buy. At home you will redilute it once more. You do not have to drink it, you can put it in a cream, an oil, or in a bowl in a room.

Indigo essences support children in their evolution and help them feel safe and loved. Lack of confidence, hypersensitivity, sleeping issues, or fears are all good indications that using these wonderful essences is the right choice. 

“I have been using essences for a few years now, mainly with children. Children do not always know how to express in words their difficulties but they always know how to choose the essence they need. It works so well that now it is the children themselves who come and ask for them. In this way they really feel they are never alone when adults are not listening to them. These essences help kids feel safe and more grounded so they can interact more easily with us and with our planet.”

Unique Understanding of Indigo and Crystal Children

Whereas many professionals do not know or understand indigo, crystal or highly sensitive children, I have a thorough understanding of these children both as a mother and a professional.

This is why when working with highly sensitive children I take a holistic approach made of:
  • Understanding the connection between food and the brain
  • Helping your child build good self esteem
  • Balancing his emotions and energy body with indigo essences
  • Teaching you as a parent efficient communication skills.

What also makes my practice unique is I integrate the understanding of these new children - Indigo and Crystal children - into the picture. I will teach you how to create a nurturing environment for your child. Your child may react to chemicals, prefer natural materials like silk and cotton or become restless in a room with too many aggressive colours or patterns.

Indigo and Crystal children are very sensitive to their environment. They pick up on your “nasty” thoughts which just feel like being hit by an arrow to them, or a place’s “bad vibes” and can react to it through agitation or “bad behavior”. Other culprits are processed foods, sodas, and drugs to which they very often overreact.

We work on all aspects of these problems to ensure that your child becomes happy and well-balanced.

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