Success Stories

Workshop: How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk

"It was really comforting to discover that every parent has the same questions, the same doubts and the same helplessness when bringing children up. It was very enriching to share the group experience, but especially useful to learn many tools to cope with distressed children, incomprehensible behaviours, questions, etc. And the most unbelievable is that you soon realise that it works! It’s just purely extraordinary to manage to talk about a problem with the children, figure it out together in a serene atmosphere. A few months ago it would have turned out to be a nightmare. I can only recommend this workshop to every parent."

Claudia Berdoz
Lonay, Switzerland

"For me, this workshop was a 'aha' moment in my life as a mum. It’s just plain magic !!! Even though I still get angry some days and forget about my new skills, my relationship with my children has been totally transformed and our family dynamic is very nice."

Sylvie Lauber


Workshop: EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Level One

"Already one week since the workshop in Pully. It feels like time has accelerated. No doubt that EFT is part of it. It’s like putting a new super fuel in your car. I can state that there is a before the EFT workshop and an after the EFT workshop. For that I would like to express all my gratitude for having passed on to us with so much joy, genuineness, competence and enthusiasm the way how to use this wonderful tool in our life. Buddhists, whom I belong to, like to talk about a “Jewel which fulfils one’s wishes”, which if used with respect and wisdom, can transform your life. EFT is a jewel which fulfils one’s wishes.


"Following the workshop I started using EFT first on “small” issues and now am tackling “bigger issues”. I have experienced many times that the problem “geographically” moves away, diminishes and even totally disappears. This questions and delights me at the same time. I then wonder how I could have let myself troubled by “that” for so long. After two weeks of practicing EFT, I already feel lighter and free from certain difficulties and I can feel my energy coming back. I also understand the need to have a regular practice, especially to become at ease with formulating the opening statement and watching out for all the aspects of a problem. What is great with EFT is that one can use it on everything and that we can help ourselves."

Barbara, Vouvry


Workshop: Indigo Essence

"I very much enjoyed this 2 day workshop about Indigo mineral essences. This workshop allowed me to better know and understand these new different children as well as my own child and how indigo essences can help. I really liked being able to choose and test some essences, feeling how they resonated with my inner child. Sharing with other participants about our life experiences and emotions was very moving. This week-end has been magical for me. It confirmed what I felt about my child as well as validating my inner child work. THANKS to Ann and Karin."

Danielle Scherz
Denges, Switzerland


Indigo Essence

"Just a few words about all the well being that Indigo essences bring about. I’ve been using them for a couple of years already, mainly with children. Even if they can’t always express with words their suffering or “not feeling right” they always know which essence to choose for themselves. It works so well that now the children are asking for them. They now feel that they are not lonely even when adults don’t hear them."

Sylviane Sauvant
Corcelles, Suisse


Indigo Essence

"I’m a therapist and at the end of an energy treatment I like to let children choose an Indigo essence. I’m always in awe at how precisely and quicky they choose the right essences for themselves! Recently, I saw a 7 year old child who came because he was being very aggressive following a severe trauma. At the end of our session he chose: Confidence, sleep easy, the works and then added Software with great determination! I translated it as: regaining confidence in life, letting go of deeply engrained fears in his subtle bodies, alleviating his suffering and feeling protected without having to fight. That was his soul’s program!"

Danielle Fivaz


Indigo Essence

"Essences are like water coming from a magic spring and which gives you strength each time we drink some."

Chloé, 6 years old



"As every parents, we wanted to give our child a well balanced diet and lifestyle. Since Benjamin was born we were careful to teach him good habits: a breakfast, lunch, and balanced supper. However, on top of a difficult time between 11/2 and 2 years old, we felt like something was not quite right without knowing what. He was agitated and seemed sometimes “elsewhere”. It was a strange feeling. His physiological needs were met but it was not enough. I decided to have an appointment with Karin Roten with whom I had already followed the workshop “how to talk so kids will listen”. This had helped me solve some relationship issues using accessible techniques.

She asked me to run through a typical day on a diet level. I was very surprised to discover that my son was eating too much sugar and not enough natural vitamins, the ones that help you grow. So I decided to give it a try and change his diet according to Karin’s advice. In one week we saw the difference! My little boy who used to run around the place was much quieter. Though Benjamin will never be a very quiet child, I don’t have this knot in my stomach anymore telling me something is wrong with him."

Huguette Barbotin
Ecublens, Switzerland

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