Do You Want to Help Your Child Live Up to His Full Potential, But Just Don't Know How?

Are you banging your head against the wall because you know your child is intelligent, but they're not interested in school and are falling behind as a result?

Does your child panic at test time? Does your child suffer from low self-esteem? Are you afraid your child is going to be put in a box by being labeled as ADD, ADHD or dyslexic and you will be asked to put him on medication? Does your child have food sensitivities? Is your child highly sensitive to noises, smells, people’s energies? Does your child not respond to punishment, no matter what you do?

Have you already taken your child to a therapist, but haven't seen much improvement?

You can help your child reclaim his self-esteem and overcome his problems so he can reach his full potential. You can learn the skills that you need to help your child succeed in life without having to run to the therapist every time there is a problem. You can help your child learn the skills that he needs to succeed in life if you are willing to put in the time and the effort to work with him.

If you're ready to work with someone with a different viewpoint, who believes in a more holistic approach to're in the right place!

Hi, I'm Karin Roten. I'm a holistic language therapist who has the knowledge and expertise to help your child succeed. I have been working with indigo and crystal children labeled as dyslexic, ADD and ADHD for years—and have helped many parents and children, in Switzerland and abroad, gain the skills they need to ensure lifelong success.

Working with me is very different!

I work hand-in-hand with parents to identify and fix their child’s problems without causing undue stress and without placing blame on the child or the parents. Rather than a diagnosis being the long-term prognosis for your child, it will simply be the beginning of our process of finding solutions to your child. Our work together is an investment in your child’s future, as you gain the skills both you and your child need to deal with his problems throughout the course of his lifetime!

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