How I Work

I work with local clients in my office in Switzerland and with clients from overseas via the phone and the internet. Parents are an integral part of the process and must act as partners in their child’s therapy if they want success.

Together, we generally focus on four main areas:

    1. Food for physiology,
    2. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Indigo essences to rebalance emotions and self esteem,
    3. Communication skills for a happy family and
    4. Language therapy.

After making an initial appointment, you will receive an email questionnaire to fill out and return before the appointment. In addition to answering questions about your child’s health and development, you will be asked to keep a record of everything your child eats and drinks for three days. This will help me better determine the best coaching program for you.

Initial Consultation

If you live locally
You will come to my office for an initial one hour consultation after I’ve reviewed your completed questionnaire. Whether your child is at that consultation generally depends upon the situation. If you are frustrated and worried, you and I may decide it’s best to leave your child at home initially so you can share your questions and concerns privately. Both parents are warmly encouraged to attend the initial consultation, when possible.

If you live outside of Switzerland
You will generally start the process by having a phone interview that typically lasts an hour, once I have had the opportunity to review your completed questionnaire.

During this initial consultation we will get clear on what kind of help you
and your child need.

Regular Assessments

If you live locally…
Depending on what we discussed in the initial consultation, I may need to assess your child for language difficulties. This can take from one to three one hour sessions.

The tests chosen for your child depend upon your child’s specific problems. (For example, if there is a spoken or a written language problem, your child will be assessed with regular tests.) My focus when assessing your child is to have a snapshot of what kind of difficulties he is facing now. The assessment, however, is only the starting point: It is not what your child can really do. It is simply what he can do now, and it shows me how many blocks there are that we then have to work on.

During the assessment with your child, I will also listen for your child’s limiting beliefs, for fears, and for those things he does not know how to communicate with you. I often act as an interpreter between you and your child. Once I understand your child’s difficulties, I can then explain to you what he is trying to communicate and his own view point about his difficulties.

Please note: I am only equipped to do language assessments in French.

If you live outside of Switzerland…
We might decide you need to have your child assessed locally and then fax me the report. If your child doesn’t have any language problems, we will focus on his other difficulties: Concentration, attention, hyperactivity, low self esteem, fears, test panic, old traumas, etc.

Dietary changes

We will have a 90 minute consultation to discuss diet changes with you and your child, if I have determined diet to be a part of your child’s problem. In addition, I will give you recipes, information about why your child should not eat certain foods, and step-by-step changes you can help your child make. The recipes and plan is tailored specifically for your child’s individual needs.

We will need two more shorter sessions to fine tune your child’s diet.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Indigo essences

If you live locally…
I will then introduce EFT in a 90 minute consultation, which allows both you and your child to work at home together as well as suggesting how to work on any language problem your child may have. Following sessions last one hour.

In addition to EFT, if your child is highly sensitive, I will ask your child to choose some Indigo essences for himself, which are included in the consultation fee.

Depending on your needs as a parent, I will also work individually with you on communication skills, understanding highly sensitive children and suggest EFT setups for you.

If you live outside of Switzerland…
I will introduce you to EFT over the phone. Working with a web camera makes it easier to demonstrate the points. Depending on which coaching program you have chosen, you will receive or not a set of Indigo essences.

Both ways, we will need about three sessions for you and your child to learn the
nuts and bolts of EFT.

For example, if your child has reading problems, I will teach him EFT by immediately putting a book in front of him – unless it is too distressing -  and asking him to tell me his stress level using a number between zero and 10. I will work the EFT straight away in relationship to his blocks.

You and your child will also be given homework, which could be as short as 10 to 15 minutes a day depending on your child’s age. The homework generally pertains to EFT. While your child will not be assigned a lot of homework, it is important that he completes all of his homework.

What if you already see a language therapist?

If you already have a speech therapist with whom you are happy, you are encouraged to keep working with that therapist while you work with me on diet problems and EFT. I will fill in the therapist’s blanks by creating a holistic program for your child.

While the speech therapist may not know much about food programs, she will be very good at what she is doing and she will see her work starting to get results suddenly because we are doing the diet changes and the EFT with you.

The goal is to get your child to a place where he is open to learning. Does your child feel sufficiently confident and happy about himself to be open to learning? If not, we have to work on this first because when you are worried you just cannot focus. When a child’s physiology is unbalanced, when he is worried he is not good enough, he is not in able to learn.

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