About Karin

Born in England to a Swiss mother and an English father, Karin spent her first seven years in the UK. She then moved to the French speaking part of Switzerland with her mother.

Karin liked reading, playing and taking care of younger children. As long as she remembers she took an interest in natural medicine, read books about plants and made homemade cosmetics with her friends.

After having trained as a language therapist, Karin entered the working arena in September 1989. After having worked for a year in a school service she had the opportunity to set up as an independent language therapist in a small village. Being her own boss was what she needed. Karin had independent ideas and views about her profession.

In 1993 she started training in the field of complementary medicines, with Bach flower remedies, aromatherapy and Reiki. As a teenager Karin had always been interested in natural remedies, in nature’s gifts. As a language therapist she was very keen to gain a deeper understanding of the different issues around language problems, very well aware of the growing trend of ADHD, ADD and dyslexia.

Karin delved into learning about the impact of additive laden food on the growing child’s brain and body. She was shocked! The new trend was to give psycho-stimulating drugs to these children on top of processed foods. They were poisoning the new generation without realizing.

At the same time these learning impaired children displayed a clear lack of self esteem that would stop them from progressing. Karin found out about what is called “limiting beliefs” and learned EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), then EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

This opened up a totally new door. The realization that limiting beliefs about our learning abilities was the first obstacle to conquer became evident. As long as we are thinking that “I’m not good enough, I’m a slow learner, I’m good at math but stupid at English, etc.” it’s like having a virus on our hard drive, we have to erase the virus first before it works again!

As Karin always does with a new technique she’s learnt, she actually started doing lots of EFT on herself and was transformed in the process from being quite shy and unsure to much more assertive and confident about her “different” understanding of learning problems.

In the meanwhile (her early twenties), Karin experimented with different types of diets. First she changed to a vegetarian, cereal based diet. It just didn’t suit her physiology. She was sluggish, anaemic and had digestive issues, but she loved starches! Karin then changed to Eat Right for Your Type diet, which had her reintroduce meat, diminish gluten and dairy which stabilized her iron levels. She also implemented the Zone diet along with the Eat Right for Your Type diet and it did stabilize her tendency to hypoglycaemia. It did not solve Karin’s fatigue problem nor her ever bloating tummy.

Life went on and Karin became a mum at 35 years young. Becoming a mum was more of a challenge than she had imagined! Feeling exhausted every day from morning to night was horrendous. She knew there was a way out and started looking for it.

Chloé was born in 2001 and was a colicky baby even though she was breastfed. Karin experienced how the baby’s crying could really irritate our nerves, very literally. Carrying the baby in a sling seemed the best way to help.

Around 10 months old, Chloé started refusing her home made pureed veggies. Karin was advised not to fuss over it and let go. Unfortunately she followed the advice and Chloé never got into eating veggies by herself. At two and a half Karin had a very constipated little girl and a very picky eater. Though she was developing well, chatting all day long, she had dark circles under the eyes, a bloated tummy and was still waking up in the night.

In 2004 Elodie was born and hello to another colicky breastfed baby… Karin was exhausted!

Having always been convinced by the link between health and food she pursued that lead and in June 2005 discovered one of the missing links. Her daughters and she were plagued with Candida albicans, a yeast that lives in our gut. Karin was very fortunate to find out about Dr N. Campbell-McBride’s book, Gut and psychology syndrome, and after a consultation, they implemented her GAPS diet, a slightly modified version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. That meant no grains at all, no sugar and no dairy to start with!

Karin was so tired at the time that she just did it. She needed something to change and all the description of the gut flora imbalance and Candida problem made so much sense that she knew she was on the right track. At that time Karin was having a sinusitis every month but did not resort to antibiotics. She would make do with homeopathy and aromatherapy.

Her condition improved quite a lot on the GAP diet, sinusitis became much less frequent and slowly her energy levels started to rise, after a few months of detox symptoms from the die-off of the Candida. As a bonus, Karin lost the extra weight gained through pregnancy and felt she had at last her head over water.

After two weeks on the diet, Elodie, 14 months old at the time, stopped waking up in the night so often and when she did, she could go back to sleep much easily. Before that, she would wake up and toss and turn in bed without being able to go back to sleep quickly.

Slowly but steadily they reintroduced vegetables in Chloé’s diet, starting from teaspoon of grated carrots! Her bowel movements improved as well as her overall well being. The family maintained this diet for 18 months and then started to introduce fermented cereals which are much easier to digest.

One of Karin’s first insight in motherhood was that a mum cannot afford to be tired or sick! And food is one of the first tools to implement. Supplements alone can’t do the job! More often than not they just contribute to the expensive urine syndrome as they are not absorbed by the body.

In July 2007 Karin remembered about a web site talking about raw cacao nibs and just decided to check it. She loved it, ordered books and decided she would try out the so-called “raw chocolate revolution”, which actually meant eating raw and vegan with the joy of integrating raw chocolate goodies!

Actually, Karin had already considered that way of eating a decade ago, but the information found at that time felt like entering a monastery and it definitely is not her style. She enjoys eating and wants to enjoy her food!

Karin discovered the raw food world and lots of people enjoying their life, their food and caring for the planet and the children. It felt like finding home! Since than, she eats between 70- 100 % raw vegan food, depending on what she feels like. Karin’s decided to just go with the flow and enjoy!

Karin’s now recently starting to have the best levels of energy since a long time!

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, is also an important part of her life. She believes in only teaching what she has personally experienced. Another staple in her family life is using as much as possible, the communication skills shared by Faber and Mazlish in their great books.

Is Karin a perfect mum? Of course not, she says she gets angry, irritated and fed up like any human being! The difference is she knows she’ll have other options next time round! And children are great, they will always offer us another opportunity to improve ourselves.

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